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For the past few weeks since the extra commitment, my mood was up and down, even though not enough to say it was like a roller coaster.

The up and downs were mainly reactive, as they have always been for me.

For the past few weeks, they were reactive mainly…

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I refer to a minor “thing” in my recent work.

1.The “Situation”

I am on a consulting engagement.

One of the managers of the client is very knowledgeable and supportive to us, which is really helpful.

I work closely with him.

Following up on a conversation we had, I sent him an…

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It is not new that many people are subject to abusive workplaces.

I am no exception.

1.The “What”

The typical pattern for me is:

First, I want to be a very good employee. So I take everything on myself, even though I feel uncomfortable.

If the boss is overly and unnecessarily picky on me (actually, many times it is because the boss himself gets picked on by his boss and tends to…

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This is going to be a quick one.

The work right now is a bit overwhelming. But I also fully recognize that I could have been more efficient and effective in many areas.

I guess productivity recovery just takes time, probably longer than I thought.

So really, try not to…

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Fate does not only determine where we will end up, but also how we will get there.

At least, it feels like that sometimes.

I had a chat recently with an ex-colleague, who I am working with now for the next month or so.

Like me, he was in a…

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Consider the formula below:


If you have also taken “Probability” classes in school, you know this is the way to calculate the probability of succeeding at least once in N tries, with a probability for success in any try being P and N being the number of tries.


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I have a dream that I can exercise and play games at the same time.

Apparently, mouse and keyboard is not going to cut it.

VR/AR seems promising, but they have progressed so slowly over the years.

I checked them out like 4 years back and decided to wait…


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Here is another quite update post.

1.The work

I have started an additional commitment this week and it has quickly proven to be a bit overwhelming.

Partly it is because I have been idle for too long.

Maybe partly also because it has just started and I have not got my head…


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