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$5 instant noodles and $500 red wine do not usually mix.

As a matter of fact, their mix is only made possible under rare and specific situations, which cannot be expected to repeat.

Now that we cannot have them both, the question is which one we choose and at what price.

That is a choice that is more important to some than others.

That is a choice that is more difficult to some than others.

The importance and difficulty of that choice even changes to the same person in his/her different stages of life.

Nevertheless, it is still a choice that many will need to make.

I am at the cross road.



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First month of H2 2022 — I have to say that the feelings are mixed. Lets see what the next 5 months entail!

Here is the snapshot of our Total Net-Worth for Jul 2022.

Net-Worth increase from last month: 28K SGD, 1.84KG Gold

Again, the increase was mainly from predictable sources, e.g. salary, interest, CPF, dividend etc.

Again, my investment portfolio recovered a little bit, which also contributed to the Net-Worth increase.

As for Gold, this is the biggest monthly increase since I started tracking, mainly due to gold price drop though.



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There is this show that I love so much that I have watched more than 10 times.

I thought I understood it. I even bragged about it in a few occasions.

Until recently, when I watched a whole and well-structured series of explanation videos on the show.

I realized I had not really understood anything.

And when I searched the maker of those explanation videos, I found out that he had been studying the domain for more than 20 years.

In other words, he is an expert!



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OMG! My weight has exceeded 90kg again!

The last time was when I did consulting almost 5 years later.

Consulting does make me fat!

I need to do something now.

Given my circumstances, the most realistic way is to adjust diet.

Less oil, sugar etc etc

This means less hot pot, Wayu steak, BBQ etc etc

Pain, but necessary!

Well, I accept the pain as it is inevitable in life. [Read more here!]





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