A former member of my team quit and I am happy for him

3 min readJun 18, 2022


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He messaged me and updated me his decision to move out of the firm. I am happy for him.

He was the team member that got me struggle whether to keep him on.

He tried so hard…

  • He worked late almost every day
  • He tried his best to deliver within timeline
  • He took every opportunity to go extra miles to impress me
  • He did not mind re-doing the staff over and over again
  • He was really cooperative and took whatever tasks that came his way
  • He asked for work whenever he had some spare capacity
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But he just could not hit the nail…

  • He made repeated basic mistakes, like excel formulas and basic formatting requirements
  • He lacked logical sense, messing up previous work
  • He completed 2/4 tasks and came telling me he was done

As a result, I had to check everything he did, redo much of it and could not trust him with any critical tasks.

I ended up spending much time doing his job…

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When the time came to decide whether to keep him on, I really struggled.

I really wanted to help him, but I could not afford to keep doing his job on top of mine…

So I let him go, after giving him honest feedback and telling him that he needed a hard re-set before he could make it work and trying harder would probably not be the answer.

(To be honest, project leadership wanted to get rid of him to save budget. I was definitely affected by that also.)

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He took some time off and updated me that he had decided to quit.

I am honestly happy for him.

Apparently, he tried his best and the firm gave him enough opportunities. It did not work.

But with his commitment, I am sure he would do well in a different environment, which would give him the re-set he needs as well.

I am happy for him and Who knows, I might join him.




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