A quick update

It has been a while since last time I did something like this.

I am really tired today.

For the first time in a long time, I did not have time to eat or drink or think. I just moved from meeting to meeting and from deliverable to deliverable.

Here I am, exhausted with a painful throat.

For the first time in a long time, I did not have time to do anything else because of work.

I guess this would happen sooner or later since the moment I decided to take over the scope of a colleague who was leaving.

I did not like the scope and I did not expect anything in return.

I did it simply because it would help my manager out and I was the best person to do it.

Still, I do not like the scope but I know I am doing pretty well, probably better than anyone else in the team would.

In a way, I asked for today to happen.

Do I like it? Let’s just say I know what I am doing and I do not hate it yet.

So enough with the crap. Here is the update.

1.Never slack at work

Because it will always come and haunt us.

Really dig into the details and understand.

Think ahead what problems we might face or what questions people might ask.

Do not be affected by people who keep telling us “just somehow do can already”.

Do not think anyone else is stupid.

Only hard work yields results.

Even if we are very very demotivated, maintain the standard of work. This is not for the company or anyone else. This is for us.

Once we compromise our standard, there could be no return.

Of course, workplace is complicated and we may need to play “tricks” sometimes.

Then do it strategically and maintain standard even when playing tricks!

2.Pay raise

I got a small pay raise, because I am doing two persons’ job and I just passed probation.

It feels good to know your manager realizes what you have done for him and is willing to show appreciation.

Moneywise, I am willing to give up this increment to get rid of the work load anytime.

Again, I did not do it for the money.

3.Painful reminder

Just as I received the pay raise, HR sent me my old contract, the one with higher salary.

Not sure what that was about because I have not got back to them yet as I have been so busy.

If their goal is to remind me, well, they have succeeded.

4.Loss of a friend

The NP hard problem I complained the other day. The outcome was also hard.

He did not appreciate my help at all and he has not replied my message since then.

So I guess there goes a close friend.

He has done a lot for me and I have done a lot for him.

But, after all, the friendship is just that fragile.

Reality hurts, but we got to live with it.

Thank you!



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