Bleeding May! Monthly Net-Worth Update — May 2021

So it is end of May and before we know it, half of 2021 will be gone…

Here comes another monthly update!

Seriously bleeding!

Net-Worth increase from last month: -22K SGD, -1.27KG Gold

This is our first negative month since Oct last year and I am still drawing salary. So it is really negative!

The sole reason is the drop of our portfolio. A few of our major positions suffered significant drop.

Actually, from the portfolio perspective, this would not be the first negative month this year.

And if not for other reasons, such as property sale higher than the conservative estimate, we would have had negative months already, probably more than once this year.

Also bear in mind that this has not considered my wife’s portfolio change…

The increment in terms of Gold is of course negative.

Because Gold price has increased ~6% last month, the negative number does not look that drastic.

So we got back a little from last month, where we had a positive increment in terms of SGD but negative increment in terms of Gold due to price increase.

Well, we will call it even…hahaha :)

Investment: 2.12% annualized return, incl. dividend

Quite a big drop from last month.

This is the 38th month since we started to track our investment and net-worth seriously.

With this kind of returns, we should have just put our money in CPF…hahaha

But I think it will improve. This is pretty much the lowest point for our portfolio since we changed approach.

Lets see. Time will tell.

Happy investing!



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