Calibrate and get your equilibrium right

My new job has been tough.

While there might be many reasons, my capability is no doubt the major contributing factor. This includes thinking, structuring, execution, managing as well as underlining confidence.

However, I have been arrogant for so long, believing I can do anything given the opportunity.

When I tried to think back to identify the root cause, I could only come out with one thing:

I have been in a lenient environment for too long and I just need to re-calibrate

For the past many years, life has been gentle to me for the most part. So I thought I was doing great.

When environment changed and I was put among a different group of people, that was when illusion met reality.

So I just need to do three things:

  1. No more illusions.
  2. Re-calibrate and know my position
  3. Keep on improving



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