Different Level of “Pursuits”

3 min readFeb 5, 2022
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I watched the movie “Munich: The Edge of War” and was really impressed by the two Oxford young men, who took the ultimate risk for the slightest chance to avoid the catastrophe of Man Kind.

One returned to Germany with the hope that Hitler would make Germany great again. After he realized who Hitler really was, he joined the opposition.

He risked his life to pass the secret document that would prove Hitler’s lies to his old classmate in Oxford and tried everything, including meeting and arguing with the British PM, to stop the fate of Man-Kind from slipping into abyss.

He was so saddened by the signing of the agreement that he almost was crying.

He took care of his friend who were victims of Nazi rule.

He even attempted to kill Hitler.

And he said “It is my responsibility!”. He refused to wait. He said “Hoping is waiting for someone else to do it and we will all be much better off without it.”

He would continue his efforts!

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The other one worked diligently in the service to his country, putting his family behind.

He took the dangerous “espionage” task, which he was not trained for, when asked.

He fought bravely with the Body Guard of Hitler.

He put his career on the line to pass the document to the PM and fight for the opportunity for his classmate to meet the PM.

When it became clear that war would be inevitable, he chose to join the RAF, to do something, instead of talking.

He, too, would continue his efforts!

We know both of them would mostly likely be dead before the war was over. They most likely knew that too! They decided to go on!

What brilliant young man they were! They demonstrated the best of humanity.

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But they were too powerless to make any difference, even though they were involved in the whole thing from a pretty high level.

As for the old men who could have made a difference, many of them could not pull themselves out of their own illusion. Even though they were also committed, the risks they took were nothing close to what the two young man did.

And others seemed to be more concerned about the “good kitchen” Hitler prepared for them.

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“War is old men talking and young man dying”.

They absolutely have different level of “Pursuits”.

And I feel ashamed too, comparing to them.

They were 6 years out of college. So they were probably younger than I am now.

I do not only lack their capacity to work with top leaders, but also their “Pursuits” of interests for the whole Man-Kind and their courage of making the future of man-kind their own responsibility.

I just try to make more money and retire as early as possible.

“Life is not about the number of breath you take. It is about those moments that take your breath away”!

The depth and broadness of lives can be millions of levels apart.

Shame! Shame! Shame!




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