Doing the right thing, not more things

I took the liberty to do more things, which created a lot of trouble afterwards for me, which then translated to overtime and extra challenges.

The reason is that the “more” things I did were not the right things.

Did I know? Kind of.

But it was not very clear.

For sure, I did not try to argue whether that would be the right thing to do.

Maybe I thought it was not worth it.

Maybe I thought no one would care or find out about it.

Maybe I just wanted to end the discussion.

Again, I let my guard down.

Again, laziness came into play.

Be Professional!

That was not only politically correct.

It was also the best policy for us, shielding us from unnecessary risks and protecting us from unnecessary overtime.

I did feel it when I was stuck in the situation where I had to update the whole document over and over again because updates kept coming in and I needed to keep the document ready for intermediate submission.

Do not get ourselves in that situation!

To us all!



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