Don’t be angry; Don’t be idle

Unpleasant things happen in life almost all the time. No matter how much we want to avoid them or how far we go to avoid them, they will happen to us.

Now that is inevitable, I offer two pieces of advice for us to feel better and be more productive.

1.Don’t be angry

Being angry is one of the worst ways to waste time.

Being angry is punishing ourselves with other people’s mistakes or things out of our control.

Being angry does not solve any problems and only shows how weak we are because we care too much.

People with a goal and motivation do not have time to be angry. Anger is the among the first things to be casted aside in their priority lists.

They either ignore the problem, solve the problems or get away from them.

2.Don’t be idle

Staying idle not only is a waste of time, but also opens doors for bad emotions, including anger and illusions.

Always try to be productive.

You may argue that we need time for rest and deep thinking.

We need to distinguish:

a) Rest vs Doing nothing

Rest refreshes and prepares us for the next productive phase. It could be doing something we enjoy and something that allows our mind and body to recover.

Doing nothing, on the other hand, hurts our performance in the current and next phases. It could be sitting like an idiot feeling so depressed and angry.

Just simply judge based on the impact on our readiness for next phase.

b) Deep thinking vs Illusions

Deep thinking has a goal, follows logic and reaches a conclusion, even of that conclusion is inability to reach a sensible conclusion yet.

Illusions are fantasies, probably just to help people get away from reality and feel better. It shows weakness and lack of courage against the hard and cold reality.

It could be helpful in some extreme cases as an extraction. But it will do much more harm than good if people are not careful and get trapped in it.

Life is a bitch and sometimes come down on us without any reasons.

Let’s manage ourselves, take actions and make a difference at least in our own lives.



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