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3 min readAug 17, 2021


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If you are like me, we all love to say we are the certain type of person or not the certain type of person, like we can just define ourselves and change our circumstances.

But we cannot.

First of all, we are all multi-faceted. We probably do not have accurate assessment of ourselves.

Secondly, we don’t have much control. We are just passengers in the ship of Fate.

As a result, the only thing we get by “defining ourselves” is excuses to limit ourselves.

And this type of excuses work particularly well on our mind.

For example, “I am not the greedy type of person” is the perfect excuse to avoid trying everything, while one still can, to achieve the goals, with peace of mind.

For example, “I am the hard-working type of person” is the perfect excuse to allow someone to keep making wasteful attempts, while he could enjoy the relaxing time and re-charge for what is to come, again with peace of mind.

Of course, doing the opposite will totally ruin your peace of mind.

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Maybe we should just liberate ourselves, go with the flow and make sure we get the most out of the current situation.

If Fate allows you to draw an ok salary but only requires 20% of your time, just slow down and enjoy it.

Spend more time on families you love and hobbies you enjoy. Who is going to judge which way of spending time or wasting time is better or worse?

Do not keep telling yourself “I am not the slacking type of person” and feel guilty. Otherwise, you will ruin your chance to relax and enjoy yourself and at the same time, accomplish nothing or even be worse off.

And also, consider that you might not get another chance.

If Fate requests you to commit almost all your time to accomplish something extraordinary, then go full speed ahead.

Bravely put your talent into good use with all your heart and change the world for the better. Who can say a life with great impact is not a good one?

Do not keep telling yourself “I am the relaxing type of person” and long for free time. Otherwise, you will waste your talent and the opportunity and at the same time, wont feel relaxed and satisfied.

And again, consider that you might not get another chance.

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While it is human nature to think the grass is greener on the other side, spending too much time longing for the other type of life to enjoy the life you have currently could be one of the worst ways to live your life.

Accept that we are only passenger in the ship of Fate.

Enjoy ourselves. Make it worthwhile.

Remember it is your life!




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