Even bad guys work very hard

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I have been reading some history books and noticed a fact that I never paid attention to.

Even bad guys worked really hard.

My education and culture gave me below impressions about bad guys:

I now realize that this is only half correct.

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On one hand, the bad guys are definitely “bad”, in the sense that they believe in “bad” things.

For examples, corrupted officials believe that all man are selfish and it is justified to leverage the power for his own good. They might even believe that this is the only way they could stay as official.

Thanos believes that the only way to restore the Universe is by eliminating half of the lives randomly.

We need to take note that the things bad guys believe in are just “bad” to us. They themselves do not think for a bit that what they believe in is bad or wrong.

They never doubt themselves.

In this sense, bad guys have to be “bad”.

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On the other hand, it is not easy to be bad guys.

Bad guys have to work for it too, just like the good guys.

They have to stand firmly with what they believe in, turning a blind eye to all the “good” in the world. From this angle, being a bad guy is much harder than being a good guy.

They have to think and work very hard too. Otherwise, the good guys will out-work and out-think them and ultimately out-power them.

I read about this famous bad guy in Chinese history.

He was thinking and working all the time and he was so good at what he did.

Many initiatives and plans were executed flawlessly under his mastermind.

So many creative ways to satisfy everybody and secure their support were invented by him.

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If we want to leave our mark in the world, chances are we will need all three things below:

It is not easy, even for the world to remember us as a bad buy.



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