“Follow your heart” — How?

2 min readSep 13, 2022


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I remember many years ago, when I started my consulting career, I had to do a MBTI test.

I had to do one initial test and a verification test some time later.

So the results from my verification test turned out to be exactly the opposite of my initial test. (If you are wondering, no! I do not have split personality. My scores were weak along all dimensions.)

I showed my results to the coach and asked how I should tell my type if asked. She said “Follow your hearts”.

I said Ok and went on drinking (If you are wondering, Yes! Drinking is pretty much the whole point of all consulting trainings, team buildings, offsites etc etc, as least from my experiences. I wont say I am a very good consultant though.)

That was my way of saying “Bullshit” to her in that specific situation.

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But trust me, I really want to follow my heart. But how?

If the matter is small, anyhow can. I do not need to ask my heart or anything.

If the matter is big, I do not seem to hear any voice from my heart. Or I hear one voice one day and a totally different one the next.

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I am faced with another decision now. Taking the risk could put me on top of the World or cause me to lose what I have now.

I can still live well with what I have now. Hell, it is actually much more than what I could hope for, say one year ago.

But this opportunity, if it works out, will definitely put me in a totally different league.

What do I do?

What do I do?




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