Go or No Go — I need your opinion!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for following me until now. I really need your opinion now.

You know that I have been struggling with a local offer and a China one (Couldn't onboard due to pandemic). You can read more in below posts.

Now the offer came, after 7 weeks. Everything was as expected, except the pay.

We were talking about an increase of 10%, but the offer came with a 15% reduction.

I felt a bit insulted by the long wait of 7 weeks and by the 15% reduction in pay.

I spoke to the VP and below is the information he gave that I believed.

  • It is hard to hire anyone external now. He had to push the CEO and HR really hard to get the offer out
  • The salary in the offer is on the high-side of the range for the grade of the role
  • He is committed in my development and subsequent salary reviews

And below is my current situation.

  • My China offer is still intact. I have the promise that it will always be there as long as my mentor is there
  • I am interviewing with another company. I am not sure whether and when I will get that role. I have reached out to them.
  • “Hit and Go” is not an option. I will not join the VP now and leave as soon as I have something better or China border re-opens. I will never do something like that to someone that trusts me.

So it seems that my options are as follows:

  1. Accept the offer and commit at least 1 year or until the VP leaves the company. Here the risk is that I do not know I can actually deliver my commitment. The salary will be a constant reminder of how much I lost as well as the insulting feeling, which could affect my performance at work or even make me quit after a short period of time.
  2. Reject the offer and wait for China border re-opens. Do not know when it will re-open.
  3. Hold the offer for as long as possible and pursue the interview that is ongoing now. The outcome of the interview is unknown. This option might cause the VP to doubt and I wont have any income in the meanwhile.

And I need your opinion to decide what to do!

I understand you are probably very busy, but if you could briefly write your opinion in the comments, you will really be helping me!

Thank you!



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