How powerful was USA in 1945

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

No doubt USA was very powerful towards the end of the WWII.

But I read below from the “Pacific War Trilogy” that really made me understand how powerful they actually were at that time.

The USA had the happy problem that they were producing more fighters and bombers than they could consume, while every other country in the war was trying everything to produce enough.

So there was a strict restriction to limit the number of aircrafts in the Navy to 33k.

And the rule was that only the latest model would be sent to the front line. The rest will be kept for educational purpose or target practice.

In the pacific, if a plane needed some minor maintenance, it would be dragged out and disposed. And shinny new planes would come and take its place.

Several hundred planes were flown to some remote islands and left there for target practices.

Slightly damaged planes on the carriers were pushed overboard to the sea.


Photo by Philip Brown on Unsplash

This was at the peak of the war. US Army and Navy disposed hundreds of perfectly working planes。

And not to forget that this was just the US Army and Navy, not counting the carriers, ships, planes and tons of other supplies they gave or lent to other allied forces, e.g. Britain.

On the contrary, Japanese was struggling to keep their production line running, let alone producing enough replacement for their losses in war.

And for China, the air-force had no more than 300 old planes in total which were quickly destroyed in the beginning of the war.

Well, the USA was the number 1 super power in the world back then.




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Top-tier consultants seeking life purpose and self-realization

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