How to decide whether someone is trustworthy?

2 min readSep 27, 2022
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I am troubled because I do not know whether I should trust someone.

He is my mentor. What he says makes sense. And he is not shy in telling me that he wants the best for me.

But I always feel something is not quite right, almost like that he always has his own hidden agenda and he hides it really well from me.

I want to trust him and I try to convince myself to trust him. But I just could not get rid of the feeling.

I want to be completely open and honest with him, which I have been so far. But more and more, I fear that he will use that against me.

What he tells me makes senses and he always puts himself in my shoes (At least that is how I feel). But things have not been really working out for me.

Photo by Darran Shen on Unsplash

I am really troubled.

On one hand, I fear that I have been trusting the wrong person. On the other hand, I fear even more that I might wrong someone who actually cares about me.

My dear readers, how do you usually tell whether to trust someone? Can you please share with me? Any guidance is appreciated.

Thank you!




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