Humans are pathetic as a race, to some extent

We, as a race, have never been this powerful — We do not need to worry about attacks from other predators; Our supply is more than abundant; The average life span and education/medical level has never been this high; We built mega cities to reshape the face of the earth; We even ventured into the Space.

But at the same time, we might be the most insecure, struggling and unhappy beings.

So much so that businesses that help people find inner-peace and happiness are booming, because more and more people believe they need the help!

It is actually easy to understand:

1.Our instincts for survival no longer guide us

Animals are happy because they know exactly what they need to do at any point of time from their born instincts for survival. And the evolution has taught them how to accomplish what they need to do.

They experience consistency, peace and purpose.

We humans have long lost that “Luxury”. We no longer needs to fight for survival and we have “Free” time that we do not know what to do with.

2. Old traditions developed to replace the instincts are being broken and discarded

Our ancestors must have panicked when they realized that the instincts could no longer guide their actions during their “Free” time. So traditions were developed in its replacement to give people purpose and faith, no matter how fake and unreasonable they were.

Coming into modern times, we have “proudly” liberated ourselves from those “chains”, only to find ourselves panicking in front of too much “freedom”, at least for some of us.

What should I do with all those freedom?

Just go and play? Would that be wasting life? What if rainy days come later?

Go and study/work? Why? I do not enjoy it and I wont starve even if I do not do it…

Then go do something meaningful and purposeful? Are you kidding? If I knew that something, believed in it and was willing to commit to it, we wont be having this conversation in the first place.

It is ridiculous that all that power and abundance would raise an insecure and pathetic race.

But maybe that insecurity is the thing that acquired us the power and abundance.

If the destiny is so, I guess we have to ware the crown and bear the weight!



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