I am the commonest commoner

I don’t have the extraordinary comprehension of others

Nor do I have their great luck

I was not born into a rich or powerful family

Nor do I have anyone to reply on

But I’m not jealous or resentful or angry

Most importantly, I don’t give up or back down or give in

I gratefully welcome the lessons I have been taught over the years

I gladly endure the pain I have been put through in life

I will turn all of that into a sharp blade, and carve bravely on myself

I will make myself mature and wise at all costs

I will also cherish everything that I have created and come to possess, and use that as the foundation to travel a thousand miles

So, I don’t care if people mock me for being slow or foolish

That is ok. I am the commonest commoner and just want to be the best of myself

And I will just keep going and never stop.



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