I made 44% gain in one day!

2 min readJun 10, 2021
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I was working on a more serious entry regarding investment. But I had to stop to take care of some urgent work issues.

And I lost the train of thoughts.

I made a few tries but I did not managed to get it back. So I decided to continue some other day, maybe during weekend.

You will see it next week, I promise.

So for today, let me share with you one trade I made the day before yesterday.

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I heard it from a friend that this stock could soar.

I did a little research and decided that this stock is not priced high now and with Covid situation getting better, it has the upside.

So I went in with the plan to hold it for at least mid-term. Hopefully, the gain would be good enough then.

And it soared 30%+ for the day and 10%+ the next day.

Looking at the return, I decided to let it go first to pocket the gain.

So I secured 44% gain in the end.

And the price went down a bit afterwards.

So at least for the past 2–3 days, this looks like a good deal.

Just to be clear, I did not went in with heavy bucks. So the gain was only ok despite the good percentage.

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This is my first time “hitting the jackpot” in my investment journey.

And I do not count on it to happen many times.

So things are back to normal.

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I do not really have anything to share from this experience. This is pure luck.

And I do not really recommend this stock at this price point. But feel free to keep an eye on it for future opportunities.

The trade did make me feel good though.

And it makes me even happier to be able to share it with you guys!

I hope similar luck will fall on you too!

Happy investing!




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