Keep trying, and success is not guaranteed

Contrary to popular belief, I now realize that keep trying and trying harder may not increase our chances for success.

There are two reasons:

  1. We might be on the wrong track or just in an environment that would not support our success. Maybe we are doing work that we are not good at. Or maybe some factors just prevent us from realizing our full potential. Take for example the former team member in my previous post.
  2. We might be doing the same things over and over again without improving.

Compared to the #1, #2 might be more common and dangerous.

Being in #1, we will be miserable and we will find ways to get out sooner or later.

Being in #2, we might have the illusion that we are making progress. And worse still, we could really be deep in our comfortable zone and do not want to get out.

To counter #2, I think 3 things are important:

  1. We need to master the effective and efficient way of learning in whatever we do. Different ways of learning might work for different domains and definitely for different persons.
  2. We need to keep practicing and improving.
  3. We need to keep high-quality thinking all the time!

Do not ask me how to achieve the above 3 things. I do not know yet.

Let’s work and let’s figure it out.



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