Library is a great place!

2 min readJan 10, 2023
Photo by Gabriel Sollmann on Unsplash

With WFH (at lease partially) becoming the norm, I find out that library is such a great place.

I can clear my head and focus on what I want to do, such as reading and sometimes even working.

Compared to staying home, there are so much less distractions, such as entertainment, noises, interruptions etc etc.

Of course, more than occasionally, there will be uncles/anties who watch drama on loudspeaker and cannot stop making wired noises, people who discuss/laugh/flirt loudly, people who just cannot stop shaking the shared table, people who would use up all the charge points on the wall etc etc.

Of course, more desks and a water dispenser would be welcome.

Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash

But it is still a great place to be.

Especially the regional libraries, where there are more spaces, desks, facilities.

The staff are generally nice, helpful and kind.

Most libraries are located in or near to shopping malls. So food/drink is not a problem.

Wireless@sg is available there. But mobile hotspot is safer if confidentiality is a concern.

Photo by Trnava University on Unsplash

So if you also have trouble focusing in your own home, find out where the closest library is and give it a try.

If you do come, do behave, respect others and the staff and follow the rules. Afterall, it is up to every one of us to keep it a great place.




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