Life advice — for consideration only

My cousin is in University Year 3 and doing her internship. She asked me for some life advice.

I gave her some pointers and would like to share them here for my younger audience (I hope there are some :))

  1. Your immediate focus is only Career and Marriage. The rest (bags, clothes etc etc) is a waste of time, time that you will never get back. And do not forget about the compounding impact.
  2. Between Career and Marriage, you should prioritize Career over Marriage at least until 30. In modern cities, your career determines your circle, which determines the kind of man you can meet. Being successful in Career would enable you to find better partners, and thus increase your chance of living a happy and successful life.
  3. You should never be a housewife in your whole life. If possible, you should maintain your independent Career and income. If not, you need to be helping your husband’s career with very clear value addition. Otherwise, the more successful your husband is, the more likely you will lose his respect and then him completely.
  4. To do well in Career, the secret lies in every decision of yours, big or small. When you see an opportunity, do you actively pursue it or wait for it to come to you? When presented with a good relocation opportunity, do you take the challenge or shrink back into your comfort zone? After work, do you read or spend all your time on Tiktok?
  5. Base your expectations and decisions on statistics and rules. You need to realize you are just as common as the majority of the population. That means what happens to the majority will happen to you. That means rules will not bend for you. That means you will neither be very lucky nor very unlucky. For example, your plane won't crash and you won't strike the lottery.

What about for man of a similar age?

Well, if you are one of them, you are in luck. It is much more straightforward for men.

Just focus even more on Career. A successful Career and money will get you most of the things you want in life.

Again, this is just my own opinion, for your consideration only.



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