Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a little more than one day away.

I am sure you are geared up for the festival and break!

I would like to wish you and your family Merry Christmas!

Also a quick update from me. Read on only if you are interested.

Christmas is expected to be short for me, so is New Year as well as Chinese New Year.

My current commitment stretches beyond Chinese New Year till Mid/Late Feb 2022.

The work is going to be heavy, challenging and time-sensitive.

Good thing is that I am working in a good team and they cut me some slack because I am new.

So it is stressful, but manageable.

I will try to switch off when it is family time and festival time. The sky wont fall anyway.

But the stress would stay in the background nevertheless.

This is the trade-off, stress and time for growth and future.

I longed for the opportunities and complained upon being rejected to them.

So I will make the best out of this one.

And I have to say this blog is a helpful place for me to drag myself out of work and have some private time to reflect, recollect and recover.

Thank you very much for staying with me. Otherwise, I might have stopped long ago.

Thank you and again Merry Christmas!



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