Moment of Breakthrough — “Cried like a baby”

In my chats with friends and colleagues, a term came up quite frequently — “I cried like a baby”.

And more often than not, a breakthrough followed.

Hence, the title of this post — “Moment of Breakthrough”.

Logically, when adults cry like a baby, something very bad must have happened, they must be really hurt and feel really sad/scared/…

Typically, significant learning's come from these painful experiences, which would enable them to finally get rid of the burden they have been struggling with but did not have the determination to cut the ties with, or to discover new ways to advance.

Thus, the breakthrough.

So next time, when we cry like a baby, feel the sorrow, worry, despair and all those feelings we feel and let it out.

But at the same time, know that a breakthrough is coming. All we need is a little time.



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