Money — A Long Game

It is easy to forget it is a long game for most people.

Income -> savings -> investment -> financial freedom

It is a journey and it is a long game.

We need to increase our income. No one can save if they can only get their ends met.

We need to increase our savings % against income. Here we can have some control. Once we meet our basic needs, we can decide to spend less and save more.

We need to put our savings into investment. Here is where uncertainties kick in and they could be overwhelming. I know people who made big bucks in investment and I know people who only expect to beat inflation by investing (They have fat pay-checks enough to get them where they want to be, without the need for investment returns). I of course know people who has lost big in investment, a.k.a ME!

But financial freedom can be quite certain with time if we just keep at it and stay vigilant.

However, it is easy to forget it is a long game.

That is why we feel confused and frustrated, we give up and change course, ad we suffer loss and delay the achievement of our financial freedom.

To me, reading is a good reminder.

There are tons of books on this and some are really basic and anyone can understand and follow.

Quickly glancing through them wont take much time, but serves as a great reminder.

And a long game requires a different approach to do well from a short game.

It requires much more consistency, persistence and patience.

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best strategy.

Good thing is that anyone can do it if they really believe in it and want it.

That is good news for commoners like us!

So no excuse if we cannot do it for ourselves.



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