Monthly Net-Worth Update — Jun 2022

Half of 2022 is gone! How time flies!

H1 has been challenging on multiple fronts.

  • Dead bad investments
  • Negative net-worth growth for 3/6 months;
  • Challenging work with not enough progress. I might have to look for exit soon
  • Got Covid and still suffering from cough and stomach problems after more than 2 weeks.

… …

But there are things to be grateful for too.

  • My family is all good and they love me and I love them!
  • Some people care about me at work, which means there is still some hope!

In summary, H1 has been tough for me. But I still look forward to H2 with hope and willingness to make more efforts!

For people who care about me and for me!

Below is what you are here for — summary of our Net-worth for Jun 2022.

Net-Worth increase from last month: 35K SGD, 0.34KG Gold

The increase was mainly from predictable sources, e.g. salary, interest, CPF, dividend etc.

My investment portfolio recovered a little bit, which also contributed to the Net-Worth increase.

As for Gold, the price increased a bit and we ended up with 0.34KG increment.

Investment: -15.9% annualized return, incl. dividend

Slight improvement, but barely noticeable.

More hard work is needed to make up the loss.



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