Monthly Net-Worth Update —Mar 2021 — Bleeding

3 min readMar 30, 2021


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Time flies!

We are officially concluding Q1 2021. And I cannot say it is a good ending. My account is literally bleeding.

Here comes another monthly update of our Net-Worth.

It is red!

Net-Worth increase from last month: 4.45K SGD, 0.64KG Gold

The number could be inflated, because my wife did not have time to calculate her investment performance yet for this quarter and we knew it was not going to be as good.

So the real number could very well be negative. We will account for it in the next month update, because I do not want to miss the update this month.

Overall, the loss in the stock market really made us bleed.

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Investment: 5.09% annualized return, incl. dividend

As expected, pretty big drop from last month.

Since I changed my investment approach, this month marks the largest loss.

From a gain of more than 60K to a loss of ~20K, it has been pretty incredible.

Again, it is time to fear the market and know our limit. Money is not easy after all!

During the drop, I tried to catch the bottom and failed pretty badly.

I added position during the initial period of the fall, thinking this is just a temporary set-back and a buy opportunity. So the top up was at very high prices.

Apparently, I was so into the bull market that I did not even think about the possibilities of a significant fall. I caught the wave up when I changed my investment approach and increased confidence every time the market robustly regained losses and kept rising to a point that I believed that the rise would not stop.

And then, with limited war chest, I became very careful in topping up. And of course, that caused me to miss the bottom.

When the market kept rising for a few days, I started to regret.

And then I entered the market aggressively with my little war-chest, believing the bottom was close at least, only to experience another 20% fall.

Once again, timing the market did not work out for me.

However, overall, my emotional management improved a lot this time around.

I did not feel the anxiety and I managed to convince myself to have patience.

I can say that my life was not affected by the fall most of the time.

I think this had much to do with the fact that I had been busy, with work, freelancing, start-ups and interviews.

The feeling that I am able to earn more money from different sources and I am actually doing something extra really helped give me confidence and emotional resilience.

Therefore, being idle really is a good way to get people wasted.

Stay busy and keep improving ourselves!




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