Much better schools for the kids

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

I visited the primary school my son was attending for the first time yesterday.

And I could not help appreciating the fact that the schools nowadays are so much better!

Take sports facilitates for example:

And all in one Primary school!

Photo by Constantin Shimonenko on Unsplash

It is probably normal nowadays in Singapore because the school is just a neighborhood school.

But the “luxury” would be so apparent if compared to my school life.

When I was in Primary school, all I had was some bare ground, muddy when raining and dusty when dry. The ground were full of pits and small pieces of rocks/bricks some of which were very sharp. So it was very common that students got injured while playing.

The sports instruments were limited to a few balls, one or two each of basketballs/footballs etc and they were locked up usually. Even PE teachers did not have access to bring them to PE classes, if the PE lessons were not eaten up by other subjects already.

I still recall the PE teacher was also the guard of the school and the operator of the only small shop on campus.

I was a big fun of football growing up. But I did not get to see a proper football field until I got to university and that was “false” grass.

Having a “real” grass football field was not imaginable in any primary school.

Let alone all those facilities and instruments all together!

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

I was happy!

Because my son is receiving much better education.

Because the world is a better place.

We should defend all this and work to make it even better!



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