OMG! Youtube Ads!

Oh My Gosh! The ads are putting Youtube right at the edge of being unusable to me.

Two unskippable ads upfront + frequent ads during the video + ever repeating ads banner at the bottom…

I just had to switch it off.

The experiences reminded me nothing but the TV experiences when I was young.

In China, TV programs are free and some small stations (usually at the county-level) just bombarded audiences with ads to break even. Sometimes, we had to watch 1-hour ads for 5 mins of the show, to the point I could not even recognize the show.

People gave them up the first chance they got and before long these county-level stations were all closed down by “Policy”.

Having experienced that, I for sure wont put myself in that situation again.

Luckily, I have more options than I did back then.

For Youtube, I completely understand it is profit seeking. This is not only Youtube, but also the millions of Youtubers. In my opinion, they probably should have done this a long time back.

As an average user, I know I can get rid of the ads by paying a little money. But why would I do that? I am trying to cut down screen time any way.

So in that sense, this could be good for average users, slowing the progress of us completely turning into data source for the algorithms.



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