I watched the movie “Passenger” during the weekend.

I first got to know this movie from the beautiful song “Light Years Away” by G.E.M.

I have read some reviews and got to know the storyline.

But it was the first time I had watched the full movie.

It was beautiful and provoked quite some thoughts!

Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash

1.We all have dreams. We thought we could create our fate.

Coming to the world, most of us think this way.

When we met the world and said “Hello World” for the first time, we most likely were seeing such a big world there for us to grab.

Aurora Lane wanted to be the first write who experienced two worlds and write great stories. She believed ordinal lives could only breed ordinal stories.

She designed her “Lane” to her dream and joined the migration.

Jim Preston wanted to put his skills into use and build something. He believed that in earth, people just replaced things instead of fixing them (no second chances…).

He pursued a new world and joined the migration.

The spaceship is called “Avalon”. They both wanted to reach the “Legendary Island” to realize their dreams.

Like Aurora and Jim, we all have dreams too and I am sure we design our journey to realize them.

We all willingly believe we can make things better with our hard work, great wisdom etc etc

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

2.In fact, we are passengers. We go where Fate takes us.

What could logically explain Aurora’s experience?

The faulty sleeping pods “cannot happen”. Three of them did in this one ship on this one journey.

Out of 5000 passengers, Jim picked Aurora and after months of struggling, he woke her up.

Shortly after Aurora found out the truth, the ship had major problems and they had to focus on saving the ship.

Only fate could explain it.

I can totally feel when Aurora said “ you take away my life” and “this is murder”.

She had dreams and she designed a path to them and everything was working towards the destination.

And everything was just ruined all of a sudden and none of this was her fault.

If anything, I really think the movie could have spent more efforts in describing Aurora’s feelings! (Maybe the impact was reduced since I knew the stories already…I hate the reviews and I hate me for reading it.)

Coupled with my own experiences, I have learned not to attribute one’s success all to himself and not to attribute others’ failure all to themselves.

Fate is present and it dominates.

Photo by Serey Kim on Unsplash

3.However, Aurora is beautiful

Aurora is so dynamic and disconnected and unpredictable.

But Aurora is beautiful!

Maybe fate is too!

After fixing the ship, they discovered that Med Bay could be used as a sleep pod.

Aurora had the opportunity to go back to her original life and plan.

Things could be made right again!

She did not take it. She decided to embrace this life, one that would be totally different from her dreams and intentions.

According to the movie, they had a great life together.

Maybe Fate takes care of us.

Maybe whatever happens is the best.

But one thing is for sure: We cannot get too hanged up on where we would rather be that we forget to make the most out of where we are.

Life is too short and that is no way to lead a full life!



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