Recalibrate base-line/finish-line and start again

Base-line and finish-line is critical in any project.

Base-line is what we compare against to evaluate and justify the impact of the project.

Finish-line is the target of impact we need to achieve.

It is strongly preferable to fix both in the very beginning of the project.

Sometimes, however, it is appropriate and even necessary to recalibrate one or both if they clearly do not fit the actual situation, even in the middle of the project.

A piece of news struck me, reminding me how much I missed and how close I was to it.

I know we should not be dwelling too much on our losses and we will get there sooner or later if we keep fighting.

I agree!

But still, it is hard, especially the thing I missed could put me well past the finish-line for at least one critical aspect of my life.

It is not like in a big game consisting of numerous choices in each step, I made a wrong choice in a step and had to try another path (Example A below).

It is like I could have won that game just like that and I was so close to it. And now, I have to start over and the road to win that game is so long and tough. (Example B below)


A: The finish-line is 100 and I was at 30. I would be at 40 with a right decision. With the wrong choice, I am at 25. And the right decision next round could just put me back at 40 or even higher.

B: The finish-line is 100 and I was at 30. I would be at 120 with the right decision, which I was so close to. And now, I am at 10. It would take many right choices and many years to reach even close 100.

In A, my situations with right and wrong choice are still at the “same level”. Keep working and I will be there, maybe slightly later.

In B, my situations are oceans apart. I do not see how I could replicate the choice to get back to 120 within years or ever.

My case is like B.

I figured I would have two options to fix my situation: Recalibrate my base-line and recalibrate my finish-line.

1.Recalibrate my base-line

What happened happened. No time machine available yet.

No matter how hard it is, it is time to let go.

Put away the past and recalibrate my baseline.

Instead of comparing to 120, I will compare to 30, which was the base-line before the choice.

Technically, 120 never happened and “Would-be” scenarios usually do not qualify as “base-line”.

So it makes logical sense to revert to the base-line of 30.

And with 30, I can see clearly how I could make progress.

2.Recalibrate my finish-line

This could allow me to convert my scenario to Example A.

For example, with finish-line at 100, that “wrong choice” ruined my game completely, because I have lost already.

However, with finish-line recalibrated to 1000, the scenario would be more like A.

The actual “10” and would-be “120” are not that far apart.

And I will have plenty of room to catch-up, which means I am still in the game.

Most importantly, the would-be scenario showed me the real possibilities of reaching “1000”, which I had not dared to imagine.

Once the Pandora’s box is opened, there is no going back.

Even with both base-line and finish-line recalibrated, the road will still be long and tough.

But I believe I will be there, because I am not giving up.

What’s more, I will get to see new scenery along the road.

Life is a journey after all.

What else am I going to do with my life anyway?

Let me recalibrate and start again!

Stay tuned!

In the end

Life could be a bitch.

But I hope you are with me, never giving up, recalibrating as we go, starting over when necessary and enjoy the new scenery along the road.

That life and journey is ours and ours only!

To us all!



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