sBattle of Mid-way, where 4 major Japanese carriers and 1 US carrier were sunk, is the turning point of the Pacific War.

We all know that now.

But back then, people probably did not realize its full significance, apart from the fact that it was a great victory for the US.

How could they?

It was still a long way before it became clear that US would win.

After that, the war only got tougher and bloodier for both sides.

Even with the industry capabilities of US, there was only one US Carrier left in the while pacific at one point, after 3 were sunk or disabled by sub-marines or air attacks.

Retrospectively, things are clearer.

But we cannot shamelessly take advantage of that and laugh at what people did back then.

Just take advantage of that and think about what we could not be realizing right now.



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