Secret of Success in One Simple Formula!

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Consider the formula below:


If you have also taken “Probability” classes in school, you know this is the way to calculate the probability of succeeding at least once in N tries, with a probability for success in any try being P and N being the number of tries.

If we apply this to life, from a pure mathematical point of view, we can tabulate below chances for success in anything we do.

*N = number of tries

*Age = 18 + N x 7, assuming we get a chance to try every 7 years and we get our first chance at age of 25.

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If we are doing something with 10% of probability of success, then by the time we are 81, the change that we would have succeeded is 60%.

If probability of success is 20%, then we will be at 60% at age 46. By age 81, we would be very close to 90%.

With 30% probability of success, we are almost certain to have succeeded by age 81.

Also note that this is not considering the evolvement of probability of success. As we get more experiences in doing somethings, our probability of success tends to increase.

And that would just make the above table more favorable to our odds.

Life seems pretty full of hope!

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Of course, there are factors that would pull us down.

First of all, once we succeed, we need to be careful not to make any fatal mistakes.

Any one of them could erase our progress completely and even hurt our chances of starting over.

Secondly, do not give up.

The probability only works in our favor with increasing number of tries.

Thirdly, do not switching what we try frequently.

If we try a different thing each time, we will be trapped in the zone of low probability of success.

Fourthly, do away with the anxiety.

Most commoners succeed after various tries, which means they succeed at older ages.

If you have not succeeded, keep trying but there is no need for the anxiety, which ruins your life and hurts your probability of success.

If you are not a commoner and have all your life planned by someone loving and powerful, you should not be wasting your time reading this blog.

Go take advantage of what you have and do bigger and better things.

Or at least enjoy your lives.

To us all!




Top-tier consultants seeking life purpose and self-realization

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Top-tier consultants seeking life purpose and self-realization

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