Shit…Another Mistake

Made another mistake…

Last time I made such a mistake, it cost me the promotion.

I thought I learned.

I was wrong. I over-estimated myself.

I clearly took the easy way out and committed a logical flaw.

More sanity check may have captured it.

Clearly, I did not think it was necessary.

Seeing the huge numbers did not alarm me enough either.

I did not really check with people either and even pushed people away to avoid more work.

This is all wrong.

Even if there was no mistake, what I did is still dangerous.

Maybe I could have handled the after-math better.

For example, I could insist that those were the assumptions made previously.

I could combine the impact with the next round of refinement so that it is less obvious.


But it could also lead to the impression that I am over-defensive and not willing to admit mistakes.

I did my best to rectify the mistake.

I need to be extra careful not to make any more mistakes again.

Last time, it cost me my promotion.

This time, it wont because I do not have any promotion to begin with.

But this is something I need to be worried about, being in the reputation business.



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