Slow is Fast — never just do something when asked

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Past week has been stressful for me at work.

Not only because of the work itself, but also because of the additional hours resulted from my failure to understand before actions.

One typical example:

Another typical example:

This resulted in iterations of work, which are never a good thing, especially under high-pressure situation with tight deadline.

And I looked like an idiot, which are never a good thing either.

And I gave the negative impression that I would avoid work, put myself before the client and team, and therefore, do not have enough commitment to client, project and team. Definitely not a good thing.

And I do not learn why the partners would ask for or reject the change, which is a good reflection of the way or work and also his own experiences. Absolutely a bad thing.

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When I reflected, the key element missing in the process was my own judgement based on the right rationale.

Without my own judgement, I could not prove or disprove the merit of the change, to justify or defend the action to either make or reject the change.

Without my own judgement based on the right rationale, I appeared selfish and could not get my point through.

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My lack of judgement based on right rationale could be caused by a few underlying reasons:

None of these is good. I need to work on all of them.

If not, why would I step out of my comfort zone and take this challenge anyway?

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Going forward, when I am asked to do something, I will follow below 5-step process until it becomes a habit:

Ask—Discuss — Judge — Decide — Act


I will force myself to ask why and understand the reason behind, so that


Voice out my reasons and concerns and actively discuss with an open mind on why or why not the proposed change might help the client and project.


This is purely my judgement after discussion. It could be:


My decision. It could be:


Act accordingly, knowing very clearly why I am acting the way I am.

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Breaking an old habit is hard. But it can be done if we have the commitment and right way of dealing with it.

To us all!



Top-tier consultants seeking life purpose and self-realization

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Top-tier consultants seeking life purpose and self-realization