The formula never fades

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

I am hooked again by Total War Series. This time, the Three Kingdoms.

When I was in school, I was dying to get a Three Kingdom Total War game. Who does not want to unify China through all those blood, diplomacy and conspiracy?

To get a somewhat close experience, I tried so many mods which was never good enough for sure.

Therefore, when the Three Kingdoms were announced, I was so excited.

However, when it finally came out, my interest was simply gone.

On one hand, life was getting tough for me just about that time.

On the other, I was losing interest in the formula: build, battle, build, repeat and repeat…

So I installed it, played for 20 mins and never picked it up again, till this week.

Photo by Artur Shamsutdinov on Unsplash

Maybe I was too bored.

But the formula worked for me again. I was again playing for 10 hours plus a day..haha

When not playing, it is still clear to me that the whole game is just repeating over and over, many times even with the exact same map and terrain.

But I still cannot stop thinking about the next steps — go north or south, another army or more income-generating settlements, vanguard or strategist…

Let alone the fact that I will totally forget the gaming is repeating itself, while playing.

The result? Good fun and a huge amount of time consumed.

Trust me, I continuously question myself whether this is something I want to do or whether the time can be better spent. But for now, I intent to complete at least one campaign.

So a unified China, I am coming!

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash



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