There will always be Fucked-Up people in life

Encountered a guy in work, who is so fucked up.

He hides everything he does, so that people cannot learn from him.

He either does it in secret and only say he has done it afterwards.

Or he plans so carefully that he would do it when no one is in the room.

Completely dishonest, even in front of facts.

He treats everyone as a thread, refuses to share and takes advantage of every bit information advantage to show he is superior.

But I have to say he does this pretty well, given he has been working in the same domain for 2 years.

What I can understand is that he wants to protect his dominating position. But honestly, I have no intention to share this domain, not even something I like.

What I do not understand is why he would not rather spend the time and efforts somewhere else.

Even if he is dominating in this little domain (which is not even his), I am sure he has his own battle to fight in other domains.

Can only say it is a perspective.

Ok, enough complaints.

The next question is — Will I do the same if I were in his position?

To be honest, I am pretty confident that I will do some of those (not like I have never been in dominating position before).

I would want to protect some of my advantage also, not giving that away so quickly.

But I am also confident that I wont do it to this extreme.

Maybe that is why I wont climb very high in my career.

Lets see.

Life isn’t perfect and this is expected.

Let me think about how to handle this.

To my Readers: if you have any suggestions on how to handle this type of persons, I would really appreciate if you could leave a comment or email me directly @

Thank you!



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