Think & Think & Think

2 min readMar 5, 2022


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Just had an embarrassing two-weeks

  • I delivered pathetic value
  • I made the most basic mistakes
  • I could not defend myself or my work
  • Worse still, I worked extremely hard

A very junior member did better than me.

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I collected feedback and it was rather simple:

1. Get into the role

As a manager, I was expected to understand really well client requirements, describe clearly what our best responses would be like and then define the structure and what needed to be done, and lastly assign tasks to members of the team and empower them to complete them.

I was not meant to work hard, but to make sure the team works hard

2. Think more on everything to get a head start

With enough thinking, I can be ahead of the curve on planning, discussion, convincing others and defending my points of views.

I cannot wait for things to happen or to be instructed. I need to be adding ideas to partners, making decisions on the ground and leading the team forward.

I need to be thinking what else we can do.

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I look forward to my next assignment.

  • I will know my value and level
  • I will not get overwhelmed
  • I will delegate and make members own their work-streams
  • I will not work hard, but think hard
  • I will stay ahead of the curve and engage in those difficult conversations
  • I will be able to defend my opinions and decisions with an open mind

And ultimately, I will add value and be a good manager.

I know I can do it, because I have done it before.




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