Tons of opportunities to get rich — Are you prepared?

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I have never closely followed the stock market until recently after I changed my investment approach.

One thing I just could not ignore is the fact that there are so many opportunities to get rich quickly.

Almost everyday, we see some stocks take off like an rocket and spread incredible amount of wealth to their owners.

On one hand, I am jealous like hell because I could have been so much richer if I caught some of those opportunities.

On the other hand, I am not regretful because I know my understanding of the stock markets will not allow me to catch those opportunities.

Take Gamestop for example. Nothing within my capability and understanding will point me to that stock.

I keep wishing that I could turn back the time, even just a few hours.

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Another thing I observed is how volatile the market is.

I set alert levels on my broker platform, exceeding which an email alert will be sent to me.

Previously, over a month, maybe I see one alert or even less.

Now, I see it almost every day and sometimes more than 1 in the same day.

I yielded good returns initially and lost half of it in the past week.

So in a volatile market like this, are we calm enough to stick to the course? Are we sure that what we own is well supported? Do we “know” that they will come back eventually? Do we still have war chest to deploy to further reduce the average cost if they continue to drop?

These are just some of the easy questions that we need to be able to answer with confidence.

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Therefore, there are tons of opportunities out there. The only problem is whether we are prepared.

We do not see the opportunities, maybe because we really do not know about them. But most likely, it is because we are limiting ourselves or afraid of being proven wrong or simply being lazy.

So do not complain about the lack of opportunities. Just focus on getting prepared.

I do not know when we are ready. Maybe we can only be sure when we succeed.

But I know when we are not ready.

If we are wishing we could catch the opportunity or we could turn back the time, we are not ready yet!



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Top-tier consultants seeking life purpose and self-realization