VR Update 3 — More than just shooters

I bought VR for games, particularly for shooters.

I was not looking at anything else. I did get the experience, which is awesome.

However, as I spent more time in VR, I realized it would not be just for shooters.

Games like Superhot, Beat Saber and even some fitness games are a lot of fun also.

I do not want to say it, but they could be more fun and engaging than the shooters.

And they bring more exercises as well, which was also a reason for me to go into VR.

But it did not just stop there.

Watching videos and movies in VR also blew my mind.

With Apps like BigScreen VR, I could literally feel I am in a big IMAX cinema, probably better.

  • No need to purchase the ticket
  • No need to wait for the timing
  • No need to queue to enter the cinema
  • No noisy or moving people
  • No more uncomfortable seats in some cinemas
  • No risk of catching Covid from the guy/girl next door
  • I can pick any seat I want
  • I can play the movie of my choice
  • I can go back and re-watch what I have missed
  • I can lie down on my bed
  • I can even watch 3D movies
  • You can watch the same movie with your friends in their “Room” or “Yours”
  • ….

Who the hell needs to go to a real cinema again?

But seriously, the Oculus Quest 2 is so unfriendly to people who wear glasses.

I need to get the prescription inserts.

I have just been lazy to get my eye-sight measured. But that has become so clear that it is a must-have.



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