We only realize how weak we are in adversities

It is easy to forget how weak we are when everything goes well.

We become complacent.

The minority who can keep vigilant without failing are probably the ones destined for greatness.

But there is no escape in realizing how weak we are in adversities.

Both in terms of our weakness in solving real-life problems and in terms of our weakness mentally.

Adversities will happen.

Best case is that we can walk out of it fast and become stronger, relying on our ability to solve the problems.

If that is not possible, resiliency becomes critical, which is our mental capability to bear all the feelings in adversity without affecting our physical and mental health and ability for execution.

I right now feel my weakness in both fronts.

While capability of solving problems can only be built up gradually, my will power will sustain me on the mental side.

No giving up and I am sure some opportunities will surface.

Please wish me luck. I am going to need it!



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