You make your own luck

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During the break, apart from playing games, I also watched the Olympic games.

This time around, I was not as concerned as who won the game or the medal counts.

Simply, I could enjoy the game more.

Badminton is my favorite spots to follow.

After watching the Olympic games, I could not help watching again those “Legendary Battles” between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.

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It could be a never-ending debate which of the two is better.

But it is no doubt that they both stand on the submit of the field.

The new guys just aren’t enough to fill their shoes.

I repeated hear the comments that Lee always made more mistakes when playing Lin Dan.

While there is no doubt that Lin Dan has better mental strength to carry him through the whole game, there is always that slight feeling that Lin Dan won most of the encounters with a bit luck on his side.

It is probably totally understandable to have that feeling for someone who only treats badminton as a hobby.

For anyone who really understands the game, they would know that this is completely non-sense.

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The mistakes Lee made were forced mistakes. Lin played so skillfully and patiently that he put Lee slowly into the position to make mistakes.

This is so clear in so many games.

In some games, there was even clear turning points.

Before the point, the score would be really close and no one is clearly on the top.

The point usually came with a fantastic or even impossible rally, during which Lee deployed multiple of his killing tricks with excellent execution, but Lin Dan managed to deliver flawless defense and finally nailed the point.

After the point, we could see clearly Lee got frustrated or even lost confidence and that was when mistakes started to appear, several in a row sometimes.

To Amateurs, it feels like Lee just “Gave” the victory to Lin.

In reality, every move was planned, behind which is unmatched talent and countless efforts.

If that can be called “Luck”, then they make their own luck.

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There is an unbridgeable gap between Amateurs and Experts.

Amateurs may not recognize Experts, but Experts recognize Amateurs at the first sight.

Amateurs might be able to enjoy the game, but they will never really understand the essence.

But it is not realistic to be experts for everything.

So pick our field/fields to be Expert in.

And enjoy whatever fields we are interested in as Amateurs.

Just remember to be humble and not to forget our Amateurs status.



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Top-tier consultants seeking life purpose and self-realization