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So 2nd last month in the year!

Here is the snapshot of our Total Net-Worth for Nov 2022.

Net-Worth increase from last month: 10K SGD, -0.41KG Gold

The increase was totally due to the stock portfolio rebound. This has not happened for a long time!

Gold price increased enough to eat up the small increment in monetary value and give us a negative increase in Gold weight.



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I finalized watched the Narcos — All three seasons. I had it before Covid and never started watching it somehow till now.

Three quick things I extracted from the show:

  • Corruption has no limit. The whole town, city and even country can be bought.
  • Commitment against all odds can bring victory sometimes, but things typically do not work out for the hero(s) themselves.
  • When one side ups their game, the other side has to do the same, which usually means crossing bottom-lines over and over again until no line exists any more.